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Advantages of Men’s Cosmetic Surgery

Men who have cosmetic surgery on their faces can appear more attractive, likeable, trustworthy, and as if they have better social skills, according to a study. 

Upper eyelid work was linked with increased likeability and trustworthiness; lower eyelid surgery made men appear less likely to take risks; while brow lifts made the patients seem more extroverted and inclined towards risks.

A face-lift made them appear more likeable and trustworthy, according to the respondents, and a neck-lift more extroverted and masculine.

The nose improved their attractiveness. Chin augmentation was the only procedure which didn’t result in any statistically significant change in trait perception.
Reported in NewsWeek by BY  


Why Consider Eyelid Lift

As time passes and gravity prevails our soft tissue stretches and begin to migrate south.  Eyelid skin is no exception to this and it’s not only the eyelid skin that is being affected.
All the soft tissue from the top of the scalp, the forehead,  brow and finally the eyelids, both upper and lowers, stretch can cause cause “hooding” of the eyes.

This hooding of the skin can disrupt what we call visual axis, which means the eye opening becomes narrower- men and women alike come in and say “not only do I look tired but I also have to open my eyes wider to see.

The assessment of the eyelid begins with the harmony of the eyelids in relation to the eye brow position and the forehead as well.  It is usually the excess skin on the top of the eyelid that is a concern and this can be addressed very effectively with an eyelid lift or upper blepharoplasty.

The procedure involves getting rid of sagging upper skin and sometimes a small amount of the muscle underneath and any bulging fat.

The skin around the eyelid normally heals extremely well and resultant scar is almost imperceptible.

The whole procedure takes less than 2 hours and you can can head home on the same day.

It is one of the most popular and effective operation to address signs of ageing. It also has functional improvement in vision and is accomplished with very little discomfort or pain.  The “bags” under the eyes can be addressed with a different operation, a lower blepharoplasty.

Read more into the general concept of Eyelid lift or blepharoplasty here.

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Face Work

Gone are the days when we didn’t bother about our appearance.  Our skin, frown lines that makes us look angry, wrinkles that make us look aged and under the chin fat makes us look… fat.

We want to look refreshed without major down time because we are busy and we have work to do. We are getting busier but it doesn’t mean we need to LOOK tired because we exercise and take care of ourselves both inside and out.

One of the major areas we address with minimal down time is our face. These can be office based non surgical treatment that look at in and out arrangement with minimal down time. Discretion and service are paramount to us.

Botox– Yes, men have botox and yes they are effective. Common areas of concern for us is the frown lines, the forehead lines and around the eyes that often show signs of ageing the quickest. The needles that are used is one of the smallest needles available on the market, and it is unusual for this to take more than an hour.

Skin– Yes, there are effective laser treatments that does not require you to have weeks off at a time. It stimulates deeper layers of skin to produce collagen, vital component of youth. Some times fillers can be used to address different areas in men to restore volumes that can be lost with time.

Under the chin fat– gone are the days when liposuction and neck lift were the only solutions to addressing chin fat. Office based injections available on the market that can be done in under an hour can be a solution to the fat under the chin without general anaesthetic and without surgery. The treatment is tailored to each individual but typically need 2-4 sessions of treatment.

And some times a more definitive solution is needed in the form of surgery on the face. Popular procedures for men include rhinoplasty particular to address the hump of the nose and eyelid surgery (see above).
Chest Work - Gynaecomastia (Man Boobs)

Gynaecomastia is a when men develop breast tissue- and there are 3 common reasons why this happens.

  1. Physiological– There are 3 age groups that develop gynaecomastia. Males in the extremes of ages (new borns and older men) and during puberty. It is said that up to 50% of pubescent males develop gynaecomastia at some stage in puberty, it’s just that this persists in some men. New borns still have mother’s oestrogen’s in their system so they transiently develop breast tissue. The older men develop breast tissue because their testosterone level gradually drop as they age.
  2. Pharmacological (medications)- there are such huge range of medications that cause gynaecomastia but common ones include blood pressure meds, anti reflux meds and anti depressants. Apart from meds you get at the pharmacy, be mindful that other illicit meds can also cause gynaecomastia too- cannabis, opioids and by far the commonest- anabolic steroid commonly used in men who work out at the gym.
  3. Pathological (this is ruled out prior to our embarking upon a journey to fix this issue). This is when there may be tumours we don’t know about. Tumours in the thyroid, testes and even liver can cause gynaecomastia. These are often rare causes of gynaecomastia and there is no reason to be alarmed as when men come to see us we do a standard screening through an endocrinologist to make sure we are not missing anything.

So gynaecomatia is caused by an imbalance of hormones. What can be done about them?


We Classify Gynaecomastia Into Categories.

  1. Mild gynaecomastia– This is where the size of the breast tissue is relatively small and there is no excess skin. This can easily be addressed without big scars in the way of liposuction and removal of the glands tissue and the surgery takes just over an hour.
  2. Moderate gynaecomastia– This is where there is moderate volume of breast tissue and can be subdivided into those who don’t have excess skin and those who do. Those with no excess skin can be treated like above, with liposuction and gland removal only as above but those with excess skin may need some kind of skin excision technique.
  3. Severe gynaecomastia– This is often when initial efforts to get in shape helps greatly in the end result. By definition gynaecomastia is NOT excess fat tissue but getting into a better shape ALWAYS ends up in better result because you feel stronger, fitter and starting surgery in this better state is a winner. Often you can “down grade” the severity of gynaecomastia enough to trial surgery that does not involve placing any scars. The end goal should always be what YOU want and what YOUR goals are. We will work with you to create a tailored plan that is right for you.
Re-contouring Chest Shape

Some men have a condition affecting their chest musculature called Poland’s sequence.  This can occur in both men and women but it  is usually men with with this condition that come to us to improve their chest contour.  There are three main methods of addressing this issue.

Fat grafting– While it is a permanent solution the proceedure does need to be repeated on multiple occasions and you see the result each time it’s done. 

Muscle transfer– by moving the back muscle (or the “swimmer’s muscle”) to the front we can create the natural contour of the chest. This does involve some scars and a general anaesthetic but it creates the most natural chest shape.

Implant– possibly the easiest way to address the chest contour but it can be have the problems that can occur with implants.  In this case a customised implant is created to match your individual contour.

Body Works

No matter how much one works out there can be places where the fat just won’t go.  Even after losing much weight there can be excess skin to be addressed- better abdominal contouring isn’t just for females.

Liposuction is used to sort out those stubborn areas and provide a better contour where no exercise can help.  The procedure has minimal down time. The surgery is no more than two hours and you can go home the same day.  The areas can be targeted to sculpt and give you better muscle definition.

Abdominoplasty  This operation looks to address the excess skin especially if you lost fair bit of weight.  It brings the abdominal muscles back into midline with the scar hidden scar in the belt line. This is often combined with liposuction as above.



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